Ride around the world

Ride around the world

From Tassie to Botswana, Mongolia to Maasai Mara, horse-riding safaris are an exhilarating way to explore the far-reaching corners of the globe.


Maasai Mara
A horse-riding safari through the Maasai Mara in Kenya is the most exhilarating off-the-field encounter a polo player could ask for.
To shamelessly name drop, high goal polo player Eduardo Novillo Astrada is one of the many polo players who has galloped with the wildebeest in the Maasai Mara. At the end of the safari globetrotters stay at the opulent Deloraine House, where guests can choose between lying beside the pool sipping chilled Pimms, jumping the cross-country course or stick and balling the many polo ponies on offer.


Tassie Tiger Trail
Once you take a bite into the Apple Isle, you’ll want to pack your bags and move there. And what better way to discover the bushland, beaches and the world-famous food but from the back of a horse. With Quamby Bluff as the backdrop, husband and wife duo Jeremy and Jenny welcome you to explore never-ending forestry trails, secluded beaches and 300-year-old rainforest. Your accommodation is the newly renovated, historic Empire Hotel in the charming village of Deloraine. With a fleet of Arabian horses to choose
from, your horse-riding holiday to the Apple Isle will be one to treasure for years to come.


In the hoofprints of the most famed warrior of all time, Genghis Khan, Mongolia is the perfect riding destination for the modern-day explorer. From sleeping in smoky gers in the middle of the steppe, to riding Mongol horses with dreadlocked manes, to watching a local Naadam festival, this country is mysterious, complicated and colourful. If you’re an intrepid traveller, thrive on a good adventure and like to drink vodka, then Mongolia is the destination for you.


Okavango Delta
Riding in the Okavango Delta is considered the Holy Grail of horse-riding safaris around the world. It has the perfect blend of well-oiled steeds, a Garden of Eden of animalia, speed that will turn your knuckles white, oodles of water for horse swimming and a smidgin of adrenalin. You’ll stay in a variety of luxurious tented camps, including tree houses perched high above the flood plains. Your tree house is the perfect viewing platform to watch the elephants who mingle in this area to eat the palm trees. So, if cantering through knee-deep water meadows while gazing at a herd of buffalo tickles your fancy, this ride has your name all over it!

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