Witness the fitness

Witness the fitness

Martin Perez is the world’s leading personal trainer for polo players. He has designed fitness solutions, exercises and sport-specific drills, combined with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the game of polo, to enhance polo players’ physical capability both on and off the field. TPP caught up with him on the sidelines of the recent Land Rover Gold Cup Tournament, Sotogrande, Spain.

As a rookie in the world of polo you would be forgiven for thinking the pony does all the hard work during a match, but those who have experienced the game from atop a horse know the sport requires immense physical strength, endurance, balance and flexibility.

Perez discovered polo while training a wife of a polo patron, when she respectfully suggested her husband would himself benefit from a fitness regime ahead of an upcoming tournament. This proved a little different from providing personal training services to celebrities and top models in his home land of Argentina, however, seven years on Perez has become one of the leading experts on fitness regimes specifically tailored for polo, and has worked with some of the top teams and players all around the world.

The Polo Project asked for some of his favourite exercises that tone your abs, bum and legs like a horse rider, and your core, shoulders and back like a pro polo player…


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