Sayaka Ganz: US-based, Japanese-born sculptor

Sayaka Ganz: US-based, Japanese-born sculptor

Japanese artist Sayaka Ganz sees old, discarded and forgotten objects as vital pieces to a beautiful, artistic puzzle.

Using reclaimed plastic objects from thrift stores, Sayaka’s most recent sculptures create animal forms infused with rich colours, energy and a clear sense of self-awareness.

Ganz grew up with the animistic Shinto belief that all things in the world have spirits. This concept now greatly influences her artistic approach and creative process. “When I see discarded items on the street or thrift-store shelves I feel a deep sadness for them and I am moved to make these abandoned objects happy.”

Through her art, Ganz is trying to reintroduce the natural world back into people’s lives, especially in urban areas. “When we encounter the true wonders of nature, the beauty we behold transcends our intellect and reaches directly to our hearts. I desire a similar response from viewers of my work; to provoke a re-examination of our relationship to the natural world.

“I believe the best way for artists to help reduce waste is to show how beautiful these materials can be, and what can be done with these mundane objects and materials. When we think of these things as beautiful we value them. If we value our resources we will waste less.”

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